Travellers who join a Cocky Guides adventure for the first time quickly find that many of their fellow travellers have travelled with us before, returning to discover destinations with us time and time again. To show our appreciation for such loyalty, we created Gold Crest Explorer, a recognition program for our most frequent travellers.

Your benefits begin once you have travelled with us for 5 days and registered on Team App, that’s when you’ve earned membership and recognition at the Bronze level.

To reach Silver, you’ll need to travel with us a further 10 days, which is a combined total of 15 days. Our highest level of recognition is Gold, which is achieved after a combined total of 35 days.

Check out the current benefits for a Gold Crest Explorer on this link

Already reached 5 days of travel with Cocky Guides?

You will need to download and register your details on Team App. Once you have got Team App, just search for Gold Crest Explorer to request access. Once we receive your request, we will verify your travel days and approve access to your Gold Crest Explorer benefits.

Become a Gold Crest Explorer by downloading Team App on the link below.

Download Team App Now

Image is the Gold Crest Explorer logo. It’s a yellow shield with black border. A Cockatoo stands on the right-hand side on the inside of the shield, with the head crest and tail feathers protruding from the border. The words Gold Crest are to the left of the bird and both the bird and text are black. A banner goes across the bottom of the shield that says Explorer, with three stars sitting in the V of the shield below the banner. The banner is black with yellow text.