Accessible tour operator Cocky Guides is a finalist in the 2022 Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence.

Cocky Guides specialise in providing unique, multi-sensory adventures for the blind and low-vision community. Cocky Guides has been recognised as an outstanding Western Sydney business and announced an Excellence in Social Enterprise finalist.

Cocky Guides Founder James (Buck) McFarlane says, “Cocky Guides exists to create travel experiences for blind and low-vision Australians with tactile and sensory elements that engage and showcase destinations. Cocky Guides lower the cost of providing group support to multiple passengers with similar needs and does not deviate from the needs of our target market, ensuring consistent service excellence for our travellers.”

Cocky Guides business model connects communities and industry by providing group support to help blind and low-vision Australians, allowing travellers to increase independence and confidence in new environments. During the awards qualifying period, Cocky Guides returned over one-quarter of a million dollars to the tourism industry across airlines, land transport, accommodation, hospitality, attractions, and activities.

James says, “Over 80% of Cocky Guides travellers live in the local government areas of Blacktown, Penrith, Liverpool, Fairfield and Canterbury-Bankstown. Once travellers meet on trips, they form strong social connections, reducing the typical isolation experienced by blind and low-vision Australians. We’re proud of today’s announcement and our recognition within the Western Sydney business community!’

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