New to travel?

Every adventure starts with the very first step! What’s your first step?

Three tips to plan your trip as a blind or low-vision traveller

  1. Start planning early – more choices, get discounts, visas and passports
  2. Save, save, save – the fun of a holiday is long forgotten if you are paying it back afterwards
  3. Focus your planning and create your DATA SET!

What do we mean by DATA SET

It’s an acronym introduced by Cocky Guides Leader Buck to assist blind and low-vision travellers to develop a plan to achieve independent travel.


Where do you intend to travel? Decide on the destination you plan to visit,

Research the destination with local tourist authorities, your social network and online reviews


What type of accommodation? Hotel, Backpacker Hostel, AirBnB or stay with family & friends

Research location and how you will get around the local neighbourhood

Check online reviews from multiple sources


Will I walk, can I get public transport, can a taxi, Uber or tour buses reach me?

Research information or apps to help you get around


Check online reviews

Call them and ask about their accessibility and how they have assisted other guests

Reach out to local blind and low vision agencies to see if they have any advice


Do you intend to travel with a dog guide, white cane or sighted guide?

Research local support services in case you decide you require a little bit of help for some aspects of travel


Decide how much you’d like to achieve on your holiday in terms of activity and independence


Technology – navigation, transport and language translation apps

Supported tour

Sighted guide

Local support & onsite staff

Subscribe to services like ‘Be My Eyes’ and ‘AIRA’

Store important phone numbers like your Bank, and Australian Embassy in foreign countries.

Travelling oversea?

You’ll need a passport. It can take over 6 weeks to get your first passport. Get all the information you need on the following link: https://www.passports.gov.au/getting-passport-how-it-works

Get visa information and up-to-date travel advice at https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/